Welcome To The Boring Money Show.

I’m Iggy, aka Mr. Boring Money

The Boring Money Show is for entrepreneurs or conservative investors looking for a safe way to build a portfolio of cash-flowing assets on the blockchain.

It’s not for anyone with a short-term perspective on investing or looking for the next 100x coin.

The Boring Money Show podcast exists to help others understand the blockchain and all the investment opportunities it presents while documenting my financial journey.

This is about essential investment principles and key factors in building and growing a portfolio. I also want to impart my knowledge on the status quo in the market and how I leverage and find opportunities to make money through it.

Mr. Boring Money is about how I build life-changing wealth for my family, and now I get to help others do the same… creating transformational change in people’s finances

And remember… stay calm, print money and enjoy life and business on your terms.

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